James “Jimbo” Lang


First Sergeant retired US Army Ranger with twenty years of service with the 2nd & 3rd Ranger Battalions, I Corps Long Range Surveillance Company, and HQs USSOCOM. Upon retirement, he performed seven years’ service as a high threat personal security specialist with U.S. Government agencies operating in several high threat areas in Afghanistan & Iraq. Most recently he spent five years of service as a CONUS based Armed Security Emergency Response Team Trainer/Leader.

With a career spanning over 3 decades, he has had the honor to be exposed to an amazing buffet of equipment, industry gun fighters, and methodologies. In partnership with Shadow Hawk Defense training facility he continues to offer his diverse set of firearms skills. All training is tailored to Military, LE, Security Services, and Civilian defense enthusiasts to ensure a value-added result. His goal of performance improvement through subject understanding is not only his passion, but a way of life.

Civilian Certifications

NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor (Patrol Rifle, Handgun, & Shotgun) Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor (Armed, Unarmed, PPS & all Firearms) New Mexico Security Guard Instructor (General & Firearms)

Classes Instructing

Jim will be teaching combat style pistol, carbine, and shotgun for those who wish to learn or improve their tactical shooting skills.