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Lynn Kasic

Founder / Owner / CEO / Instructor

Lynn Kasic is a retired IT Project and Program Manager.  During her career at Fortune 50 financial institutions, she led high caliber teams through the successful completion of enterprise-wide projects.

She began shooting in 2012 and competing in USPSA matches in 2013.  Shortly after, she obtained her NRA Pistol Instructor certification and began teaching.

In 2015, she and her partner, Randy Weekley, created the Shadow Hawk Defense training center to host military contractors before their deployments.  In 2017 she retired from a government institution focused on national economic concerns to focus full time on Shadow Hawk Defense.

Randy Weekley

Founder / Owner / Director of Training

Randy Weekley is a 6th degree black belt in Genbukan Ninjutsu and Traditional Japanese Jujutsu (traditional spellings) who studied under the Grand Master in Japan.  He is the former owner of the Colorado Ninjutsu Martial Arts Centers where he trained generations of students in the martial arts.  He is skilled in a wide range of disciplines: hand-to-hand, sword, various knives, ground fighting, improvised weapons, Krav Maga

Randy served on the security detail for Vice President George Bush.  For over a decade he trained Special Forces groups and Military groups in preparation got deployment.  Curriculum included Barricades and Bounding, Close Quarters Combat, Extreme Close Quarters Combat, Shooting from a vehicle, Combatives and Defensive Tactics, and firearms (pistol, carbine, machine gun). 

For over 35 years he has trained Government agencies, Police and Fire departments, and the public in firearms (pistol, rifle, and shotgun), Close Quarters Combat, and Combatives and Defensive Tactics.

Paul Sweeney

Guest Instructor

A veteran of the Special Operations and Intelligence communities, Paul Sweeney spent the early part of his Marine career in a classified joint program conducting operations in select areas. He later ran assessment and selection for Marine Reconnaissance and lead Marine Special Operations Teams around the world.

After retiring from the military, Paul was selected to develop the Navy’s Expeditionary Combat Shooting Skills and the Expeditionary Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor (ESAMI) programs.

He later returned to the government as a contractor. During this phase of his career, he analyzed and created innovative training techniques focused on increasing the survivability of the warfighter. These techniques were deployed within programs in support of national interest around the globe.

In 2014, he founded Total Defense Solutions, (a SDVOSB). As the Founder and CEO of TDS, the company specialized in training top tier operators. He continues to travel around the the world training DOD, Government Agencies, and the public in weapons, tactics, and Combatives.

Bob Poras

Guest Instructor

After 39 years of service to our country, Bob “Ninja” Porras is twice retired. His military career included 10 years as a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) serving in the Special Operations Command, Tier 1 Special Mission Unit.

He served on numerous global deployments which included Bosnia & Herzegovina, Libya, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Suriname, Columbia, Algeria, Egypt, and more recently, Yemen and East-Africa. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for combat action during “Operation Just Cause.”

Following a twenty-year career in the Army, Ninja spent 3 years as a Diplomatic Security Officer (contractor) for the U.S. Department of State then went onto a 16-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency where he retired for a second time. He received one of the CIA’s highest awards for his actions in N. Africa.

Bob recently founded Ninja Bob Solutions (NBS) where he enjoys transferring his extensive special operations and paramilitary experience by teaching firearms and tactics to law enforcement, military, and the public.

The Area's Premier Firearms Education & Training Center


The Area's Premier Firearms Education & Training Center


436 Apple Harvest Drive, Hedgesville, WV 25427



Firearms Education and Training

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Tue - Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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last booking at 4:00 pm


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